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Samsung S5360 flash file free download Official Android Version 2.3.6

Post by | July 4th, 2018 | Samsung

Here you find all the latest Flash File for the Samsung s5360 if you want to flash your device with the newest Samsung s5360 software. Before downloading, make sure your device has the exact model code Samsung s5360. You can download the latest Samsung s5360 Flash File for free.

Samsung S5360 Flash File Download Free Mediafire Link

Samsung s7262 flash file

Samsung S5360 Flash File Download:
ROM Type: Official
File Status: Free
Update ROM: Yes
File Size: 141 MB
ROM version: Android 2.3.6
File Name: S5360DDMD1_S5360ODDMD1_INS.zip
Country: India

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How to Flash Samsung s5360

Step 1: transfer and extract the Samsung s5360 Flash File stock microcode Rom package on your laptop.

Step 2: when extracting the package, you may be able to get the Samsung s5360 Flash File, Samsung s5360 firmware File, Samsung s5360 Flash Tool, Samsung s5360 Driver and How-to Flash Guide.

Step 3: Install the provided USB Driver on your laptop, and if just in case USB Driver is already put in, SKIP this step).

Step 4: Follow the How-to Flash Manual to Flash the microcode on your Samsung s5360 Device.

See samsung s5360 Full Flash Guidelines

Take a Backup: If you're about to flash the on top of microcode on your Samsung S5360 device, then take a backup of everything as a result of your personal knowledge are going to be deleted when flashing the stock microcode.

About Samsung Galaxy Star Pro (GT-S7262)

The Samsung Galaxy Young could be a compact three.27-inch automaton phone that, at a smidgeon under £90 on a SIM-free basis, could be a true budget phone. It’s the smaller relative to the Samsung Galaxy Fame and also the Samsung Galaxy Ace a pair of.

As its name suggests, it's geared toward the pre-teen, first-time smartphone user UN agency has few demands that may bother the 1GHz single-core processor. The Young could be a terribly basic phone with a 3-megapixel camera and simply 4GB of internal storage. Having up to dominate the high-end smartphone sector with the Samsung Galaxy S4, the question now's will Samsung hit similar heights on a budget front? scan on to seek out out.

Samsung Galaxy Young Design:
The Samsung Galaxy Young contains a style kind of like a scaled down Samsung Galaxy S3. it's a squat, bulbous very little phone that felt dwarfed by our hand compared to large smartphones that area unit thus common currently.

While its three.27-inch size is little by trendy standards, at 12.5mm thick the Young could be a little bit of a chunker. deliberation in at 112g, it weighs an equivalent because the way superior iPhone five however orbit this heft to a far smaller area, giving the impression of being significantly heavier than the Apple giving as a result.

Samsung Galaxy Young Screen Quality:
The Samsung Galaxy Young’s screen is way from the handset’s standout feature. Indeed, it’s an equivalent dissatisfactory 480 x 320 pel alphanumeric display screen found on the Samsung Galaxy Fame. in contrast to most smartphone screens, which might show sixteen.7million colors or a lot of, the Young’s screen is proscribed to simply 256,000 colors. which means photos and videos look boring as compared to even mid-range smartphones – even web content don’t look sensible.

The Young’s screen contains a slightly improved sharpness (176 pixels-per-inch to 165) than the celebrity, because of being marginally smaller (3.27-inches to three.5-inches). however this minor improvement is barely noticeable to the optic and, like its costlier relative, the Young provides removed from outlined and sharp content. App icons and text have cubic , pixelated edges and word serious web content have a smudgy impact.

Samsung Galaxy Young Software:
The Samsung Galaxy Young runs automaton four.1 jelly egg, that is overlaid with the present TouchWiz UI, Samsung’s trademark skin that’s enclosed on each Galaxy phone from the lowly Ace to the premium Galaxy S4. It’s a straightforward and intuitive interface that enables up to seven homescreens to be adorned with all manner of widgets and app shortcuts.

Both Samsung’s base browser and Google’s Chrome app area unit gift, however neither offers a very speedy browsing expertise – whether or not accessing the online via 3G or exploitation Wi-Fi pages load unexpectedly slowly. It’s a reminder, were one required, that this can be budget phone in each respect – it merely lacks the process power to render web content quickly.

Samsung Galaxy Young Performance:
The Samsung Galaxy Young shows its entry-level nature with a 1GHz single-core processor and 768MB of RAM, troubled occasionally to form a sleek flow between applications.

The Young has an equivalent central processing unit as its huge brother and, strangely, a lot of memory than the pricier Samsung Galaxy Fame (512MB). a lot of memory ought to facilitate offer quicker app load times and multitasking strengths however, in follow, this can be not the case. an evident quantity of lag follows you where you persist the Young. From a small pause before unlocking the phone to the stutter that precedes ever app launch, it’s removed from prompt or speedy.

Samsung Galaxy Young Camera:
The Samsung Galaxy Young camera could be a true budget giving. A 3-megapixel stills camera with a hard and fast focus and no flash, the snapper is an appropriate however under spectacular addition. there's no forward-facing camera either, thus those video calls that the youths do love such a lot area unit out of the question…

For a budget smartphone it's a moderate performing artist. The Young’s camera is on par with the 3-megapixel LG Optimus L3, and even holds its own against the 5-megapixel snapper on the Vodafone good three, though the shortage of a flash will limit it. Lighting isn't the camera’s forte either; something however bright daylight means that lifeless, murky photos. It’s slow to regulate to dynamic light-weight conditions, too.

Video may be captured at VGA (640 x 480) quality however this can be higher avoided. though the Young keeps motion blur to a good level, there's no escaping the inferiority results that, at simply twenty four frames-per-second, area unit still quite jerky.

Like the phone’s screen, color and detail is wherever the Young’s camera journeys up. colors themselves area unit ok, however detail in low distinction areas is poor, with a lot of cubic ‘noise’. Photos area unit higher viewed on a laptop than the phone’s screen too, to avoid additional dilution of detail.

Samsung Galaxy Young decision Quality:
Call quality on the Samsung Galaxy Young is what you'd expect. Calls area unit principally clear, though clarity may be a touch off with atiny low quantity of distortion crawling in from time to time. just like the integral speaker, the electro-acoustic transducer might be louder, whereas calls taken on the speaker phone sound hollow with associate unwanted part of echo and smallness to conversations.

Samsung Galaxy Young Battery Life and Connectivity:
The Samsung Galaxy Young’s battery life is as middle of the road because the remainder of the phone. It clears the someday hump with ease, and steady use of the Young can see you push into a second day however very little additional.

With a 1,300mAh Lithium-Ion battery below the plastic hood, the claimed six and a 0.5 hour speak time rings true. The Young’s tiny, slightly boring screen could be a profit here, requiring less juice to power it on. With almost the tolerance of the Galaxy Fame, the Young is by no means that overshadowed by its nighest rivals.

Connectivity choices on the Samsung Galaxy Young area unit restricted to the barebones basics. No NFC, no HDMI, no 4G, however that's not a difficulty. What the Young has all works well and with very little fuss.

Wi-Fi signals area unit sturdy and straightforward to line up, over may be same regarding some costlier phones.

Should I obtain the Samsung Galaxy Young?
With the Young, Samsung is hoping its complete charm can facilitate it squeeze some additional quid out of parents’ pockets.

There area unit phones at an equivalent worth with improved specs and options however a less tantalising name sealed across the rear. This may not concern some however within the image aware pre-teen market the phone is targeting, it might be a deal breaker and one that Samsung is willing to push its luck on.

The Samsung Galaxy Young, as worth for cash, is that the clear selection over the celebrity. It’s onerous to grasp why the celebrity exists.

Compared with relatively priced rivals, it falls somewhere within the middle. It’s higher than the LG Optimus L3, however almost as pleasing or spectacular because the Vodafone good three or perhaps some Huawei handsets. It’s simply associate adequate, however removed from ground-breaking, entrant to the sub £100 scene.

If your wants area unit basic, you'll do worse than the Samsung Galaxy Young. it's £50 cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy Fame with a performance and verbal description that higher matches its tag. The Young may not set the smartphone world alight, except for a penny back of £90 you may want you're obtaining sensible worth.

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