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Huawei Y220 Flash File Download Official Update Stock Firmware ROM

Post by | July 19th, 2018 | Huawei

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Here you find all the latest Flash File for the Huawei Y220 if you want to flash your device with the newest Huawei Y220 software. Before downloading, make sure your device has the exact model code Huawei Y220. You can download the latest Huawei Y220 Flash File for free.

Huawei Y220 Flash File Download Free Mediafire Link

Huawei Y220 Flash File

Huawei Y220 Flash File Download:
ROM Type: Official
File Status: Free
Update ROM: Yes
File Name 1:
File Name 2:
File Size: 147 MB, 179 MB
ROM version: Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)

Download Links 1

File Name:
How to Flash: Copy file to phone SD memory and flash it from Recovery Mode.

Download Links 2

File Name:

How to Flash Huawei Y220

Step 1: transfer and extract the Huawei Y220 Flash File stock microcode Rom package on your laptop.

Step 2: when extracting the package, you may be able to get the Huawei Y220 Flash File, Huawei Y220 firmware File, Huawei Y220 Flash Tool, Huawei Y220 Driver and How-to Flash Guide.

Step 3: Install the provided USB Driver on your laptop, and if just in case USB Driver is already put in, SKIP this step).

Step 4: Follow the How-to Flash Manual to Flash the microcode on your Huawei Y220 Device.

See Huawei Y220 Full Flash Guidelines

Take a Backup: If you're about to flash the on top of microcode on your Huawei Y220 device, then take a backup of everything as a result of your personal knowledge are going to be deleted when flashing the stock microcode.

About Huawei Y220

Huawei's Y-series of entry-level smartphones area unit marketed towards anyone on a budget United Nations agency would love to own the convenience of owning a smartphone, whereas paying as very little as potential. at intervals the Y-series, the Huawei Ascend Y220 is presently one in every of the most cost effective choices.

Being one in every of the most cost effective implies that the Y220 conjointly has less options and capabilities than alternative members of the Y-series. The question to be asked is whether or not this trade-off between worth and enclosed options may be a smart or dangerous one. A review of the Y220 is thus so as.

As a part of its “Unbelievable Christmas Deals” promotion, Econet is advertising the Huawei Ascend Y200 for simply $70 and also the package includes 50MB of information for 6 months and a free Huawei T-shirt. discharged in might 2013, The Huawei Ascend Y220 is Associate in Nursing upgrade of the Huawei Ascend Y200. The Huawei Ascend Y220’s main upgrades from its forerunner are available in the shape of Associate in Nursing improved 1GHz twin Core processor however ironically the rear camera may be a downgrade from a three.15MP to a one.2 MP. Everything else is additional or less a similar together with the golem two.3 (Gingerbread) OS, battery capability, memory and screen.

We have positively seen larger and wider entry level smartphones however not from a honorable complete at $70. The Huawei Ascend Y220 weighs a hundred thirty grams, ten grams over its forerunner (Ascend Y200). though the phone’s pictures within the Econet adverts provide the impression that the phone may be a dual-SIM the scale of a Samsung Galaxy Ace, it's considerably smaller and carries one SIM card. the facility button is found at the top-right, remote from the amount controls on the top-left-side of the phone. This still works well in tiny phones like these that slot in the palm of your hands and area unit straightforward to regulate with the finger.

The phone’s 3 management buttons that area unit ordered enter Associate in Nursing atypical fashion with the house button at the middle between the come back button to its right and also the menu button to its right.

Screen, show and Camera.
Aided by a twin core processor, the 3.5 in. HVGA full bit screen is sort of responsive Associate in Nursingd it's the quality 320 x 480 resolution you'd expect from an entry level device. there's but very little land to navigate typewriting however the method appears easier by victimization the Huawei’s custom keyboard (called the Huawei Input Method) over the Default golem Keyboard. give thanks goodness browsing isn't a nightmare as i believed it might get on such alittle screen. However, the default browser on the Ascend Y220 renders sites quite quick and on mobile enabled pages, there's no got to centre to look at text properly. bother comes with sites not optimised for mobile that means the most effective read comes from tilting the phone horizontally.

There is not abundant to speak regarding the one.2 megapixel (1280X960) camera on the Huawei Ascend Y220. the standard of pictures is below par whether or not it’s day or night. then {again} again, United Nations agency buys Associate in Nursing entry level phone trying to find a elaborate camera?

The key upgrade on the Ascend Y220 from the Ascend Y200 is that the processor. The 800 megacycle per second Cortex-A5 on the Ascend Y200 makes means for the twin core 1GHz processor, MTK MT6572 rumored to be the primary entry level targeted system-on-a-chip (SoC) that integrates WiFi, fm, GPS and Bluetooth. The Ascend Y220 is so quite quick and might method apps up to 40MB in size together with games like Temple Run two, which, in our expertise, did not load on similar entry-level devices.

Carrying a 256 MB RAM, the Huawei Ascend Y220 is low on memory Associate in Nursingd there's very little area to put in further apps while not adding an Mount Rushmore State card. Since Econet isn't commerce the phone with Associate in Nursing Mount Rushmore State Card, we have a tendency to had to feature Associate in Nursing 8GB memory card to be ready to “watsura” and tweet thereon.

The Huawei Ascend Y220 features a low to mid-range capability battery at 1350mAh which supplies two hundred hours on standby and four hours of speak time. Granted, the rather tiny phone conjures up very little diversion activity, however regular use offers you twenty four hours of battery life with very little problem.

What the Benchmarks say
Because of the low memory verbal description, we have a tendency to simply used the AnTuTu benchmark on the Ascend Y220 and it's a “not too bad” score of 9025. Its 256 MB Ram speed scores a coffee 588, close to five times slower than the very best ranking Samsung Galaxy Note three.

The Huawei Ascend has spectacular process power and at $70 and a number of add-ons, the Ascend Y220 as oversubscribed at Econet is maybe undervalued. Econet even claims they're commerce the device at value with the motivation to bring smartphones to the lots and have additional individuals victimization their broadband services. The memory leaves tons to be desired however adding a memory card (which will value regarding $3 for 8GB) solves the matter.

Huawei is already amongst the leading world smartphone manufacturers and their entry level devices will be trustworthy before no-name imitations that have flooded the Zimbabwean market.

We would suggest it if you're whole unaccustomed golem and on a shoe string budget. For seasoned golem users, at $70 the Huawei Ascend Y220 will be a decent “stop gap” device within the event that you just lose your higher phone and can’t replace it straight off.

What is smart regarding the Huawei Ascend Y220
Smartphones are obtaining cheaper in recent years and also the Y220 has reached levels antecedently remarkable. The phone will be had for around $70 to $80, that is a smaller amount than what you to procure feature phones within the past. this implies that additional individuals within the world will currently own their initial smartphone.

Despite the low worth, the Y220 isn't poorly build as you would possibly suspect at such a coffee worth. The plastic won't bend beneath lightweight pressure and may not break simply. typically times, low cost product area unit of poor quality, however the Y220 isn't one in every of them.

The Y220 may be a quad-band phone, that means that it ought to work everyplace wherever GSM connections area unit used, that is everyplace. The Y220 conjointly supports 3G connections for moderately quick web.

The Y220 comes with a three.5 in. screen, that show you the way abundant budget smartphones have improved. As some extent of reference, the initial Apple iPhone came with an analogous sized screen and determination that's currently found on the Y220. What was once found on very high-end devices has currently created its means onto even the foremost entry-level devices.

What is dangerous regarding the Huawei Ascend Y220
The Ascend Y220 isn't very thick, however it's still thicker than most samrtphones out there. you'll notice this once carrying it around in your pocket. If you have got tiny pockets otherwise you wear tight jeans, the thickness will cause the Y220 to essentially stick out.

As expected, the Y220 is missing a number of options that you just may expect from a smartphone. whereas this can be inevitable at such a coffee worth purpose, the Y220 is missing options that area unit crucial in my opinion. as an example, the Y220 doesn't embrace a GPS receiver. the flexibility to urge directions or navigation is one in every of the killer apps of a smartphone and also the Y220 is lacking during this regard.

The Y220 includes a camera, however it is not of abundant use. The photos area unit too tiny and of poor quality to be satisfactory. most of the people can wish to use one thing else for taking footage.

The Y220 comes with 256 MB memory and 512 MB of internal storage, that is a smaller amount than what several software package apps need so as to operate. If you wish to undertake out tons of apps, the Y220 isn't a decent smartphone to own.

The biggest weakness of the Y220 in my opinion is that it does not provide pretty much as good a price compared to alternative smartphones like the Ascend Y320. The Y320 is regarding $20 costlier, however offers tons additional reciprocally. Between the 2, the Y320 appears to supply over the Y220, even though the Y220 is that the cheaper possibility.

Overall impressions of the execs and cons of the Huawei Ascend Y220
The Ascend Y220 is Associate in Nursing okay possibility as Associate in Nursing entry-level smartphone for the budget user, however it is not a good alternative as there area unit alternative choices offered. If worth is what is most vital and you would like to pay as very little cash as potential, then the Y220 is your alternative owing to its terribly low worth.

The Y220 could also be appropriate for a number of individuals. Parent desirous to provide their young youngsters or teenagers one thing with that they will detain contact might notice the Y220 helpful. If it breaks as will happen with youngsters, it's no huge loss because it does not value that abundant.

However, if you'll afford and area unit willing to pay a bit additional, then alternative smartphones like the Ascend Y320 could also be a much better phone for you. they're each from a similar manufacturer, however the Y320 offers the subsequent extras over the Y220:
The Y320 features a larger and high-resolution screen
The Y320 has double the quantity of memory
The Y320 comes with four gigabytes of internal storage
The Y320 includes a GPS receiver
The Y320 features a higher camera
All of the on top of is enclosed within the Y320 for regarding $20 over the Y220, that i believe may be a tiny worth and value paying in my opinion.

The Y220 has created too several sacrifices so as to lower the worth to the purpose that it's now not a decent deal. most of the people area unit more happy gazing alternative phones that supply a much better worth. they will be slightly costlier, however they provide rather more worth and bang for the buck. The Y220 isn't a nasty phone, there is not abundant reason to shop for it once there area unit higher smartphones out there.

Huawei seems to own forgotten regarding weight optimisation during this four.59 ounces wireless telephone. The Huawei Ascend Y220 is available in two totally different colours, black and white.

This phone solely features a zero.3 MP back-facing camera.

Huawei designed this wireless telephone with a pleasant three.5 inches screen, and a 480 x 320 resolution, giving this phone a median graphic quality.

This phone options a 1350 mAh medium sized removable battery, that is not promising for a intense phone like this.

This phone options WiFi association (but it cannot share it with alternative devices around, as a mobile mobile hotspot), HSPA+ 4G web association, that's not therefore quick as LTE or LTE-A 4G networks or the quickest 3G web association, victimization HSDPA, HSUPA and EDGE technologies. This phone uses a SIM card to use GSM services.

The Huawei Ascend Y220 conjointly includes Bluetooth (provides communication with alternative bluetooth devices, computers, and accessories), and multiple sensors like lightweight device, Proximity device, measuring instrument and Compass.

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